Somerville/Medford Speakup Line: Somerville City Councilor JT Scott One Tough Cop

Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

Hey Billy,

You’ve been really good at calling out corrupt cops in the city. I want to call out another pig who enjoys flashing his badge, carrying guns, abusing his authority and demeans women and people of color.

I’m not speaking about a sworn officer of the law. I’m talking about Ward 2 Councilor JT Scott. This guy is a petty tyrant who wants to defund the police while he goes around town enforcing laws he has no authority to enforce and punishes and abuses city staff with what little power he does have.

You of course reported that JT Cop recently went to the police station to renew his gun permits and threw a temper tantrum. He flashed his badge (why do councilors have badges to begin with? Isn’t this impersonating an officer?) and got mad when his fragile ego was bruised by not being recognized. Isn’t this guy the one who wants to disarm the police? How about he starts with disarming himself?

I’ve heard he goes around town flashing his badge, enforcing laws he has no business enforcing. The guy hates cops but he loves being one apparently. Who did he call when he lost $300k in gold bricks that was stolen out of his house? And what type of guy has guns and that much gold? What is he a doomsday prepper or something? If he’s that concerned that society is going to fall apart that he needs his own guns and personal bank why would he want to disarm and defund the police? Unless of course he’s looking forward to civil war and is actively trying to promote it.

Everything I’ve said can be verified with a Freedom of Information Act request. Ask what happened to his gold bricks and how many guns he owns. Then go and watch any video of this guy in the confirmation of appointments committee. This guy has the nerve to ask black people if they think Black Lives Matter. Even after they answer yes he still votes against them. What a condescending thing for a white man in power to do. I thought we were a city that doesn’t punish black people just because we can. I guess he’s just jealous that their badges are real and they have actual authority to enforce the law. JT just doesn’t like competition.

JT, if I need help I won’t be calling you to show up with gold and guns like some kind of maniac leprechaun. Stick to writing laws and leave the enforcement up to trained professionals. You have no right to talk about people abusing power when you are the most power hungry, abusive pig in the city.

Fed Up With Champagne Socialists

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