Somerville Fire at 2-4 Adrian Street

The Somerville Fire Department responded to a building fire at 2-4 Adrian Street on Monday afternoon, April 19th. The initial call was reported at 252 p.m. Arriving firefighters encountered a heavy smoke condition in the building with an active fire in the basement. The building is currently under renovation and is unoccupied.

Workers were on the site working at the time of the fire. The fire originated in a basement mechanical room at #4 Adrian Street and spread in the ceiling and wall into the attached unit at #2 Adrian Street. The fire also spread outside to an exterior, side porch. The fire was extremely labor intensive as firefighters had to open numerous void spaces to ensure that the fire was completely extinguished. The Boston Fire Department also responded to assist due to the fact that three Somerville Fire companies and a District Fire Chief were operating in Cambridge at a Third Alarm fire on Meacham Road just outside Davis Square. No injuries were reported. The cause of the fire has been determined to be accidental. The renovations were nearly complete but unfortunately the building will require some extensive repairs.

Charles J. Breen Jr.
Somerville Fire Department
Chief Engineer

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