Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line:VIGIL OR HATE

Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

Racism took a new approach.  The speech of Nicole Whaat was moving for all minorities while she frequently reminded the onlookers about hatred and white supremacy.  When Willie Burnley Jr who is currently running for office stood up to speak, he also reminded the crowd of white supremacy.

Further repeating he would not compromise but fight at all costs. His words were those of a hateful individual with no focus for the common good but the instigation of more violence to come.  This was introduced to the general public as a vigil for paying respect to fallen individuals but quickly redirected itself into an attack on the identity of any white skinned individuals. The message they were sending was clearly mismanaged.  They made references to the Chinese exclusion act, police violence and other actions that the minorities, and racism, has kept in motion against all.
The continuation of actions resulting in violence has not solved anything but instead has only reiterated that racism is still strong in Somerville. The main individuals promoting this were the speakers of the evening.  Only the focus was against white individuals and the intimidation they threaten of which motivates marching and retaliation. That will not solve the issues of their actions and stepping upon their ten minutes of soap box stardom only demonstrated their true hate for uniting people of different cultures and color in Somerville.  In the end,  the entire demonstration never gave the proper respect of grievance to those that came there to embrace sorrow and show support with their fellow neighbors on the hateful violence that had occurred.

Please include this in your weekly paper if possible. Thank you.
J. Wallace

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