The Somerville/Medford News Weekly Favorite Birthday Photos of the Week!

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Processed with MOLDIV

Happy Birthday to Caroline DeMaria, Rob Dellanno, Katie-Rose, Frank Ciulla, Nickie Moulaison, Mike Sabatino, Karen Hunt, Hugo Pereira, Izzi DeAngelis, Sabrina Moulaison, Christine Doherty, Happy 104th Birthday to Auntie Evie, Michael and Melissa Mahoney, David M Rivera, Carlo Richard DeMaria, Sharyn Wilcox, Jeanine Jenks Farley,

Jane Flanagan, Michelle Fazio, Holly Corinna, Brandon Bernyk, Sean P Reardon, AmberRose Osiris, Debra Messana, Doreen Martel, Robert Campbell, Kristen Julie Drew, Derek Forestier, Ray Ruggiero, Mike Shine, Kim Jouv, Stephanie Martins, Jonathan Doran, Suzanne Burroughs-Eaton, Susan Nucci, Cynthia Connerty Gore, Eddie Behenna, Scott Khachadourian, Jacquelyn Piacentini Morin, Jason Oliveira, Mickey McPhee, Daniel Galvin, Steve Mac, Michelle Griswold, Leigh Ghir, Kenny Clifford, Walter Foley, Joseph D Cucinotta, Jason Foster, Fernando Fernandes, Gregg Paulino, Gary Forestiere, Darin Vigilante, Paula Ferraz, Diane Hensley, Bonnie Miller, Joseph Provanzano, John Oconnor, Marty Walsh, Joseph Jeffres, Sheila Analetto, Angela Bruno, Bill Cauley, Cindy Sabin, Mike Di Stasio, Carole Anne, Kevin Kaufman, Laila F. RamTla, Courtney Hamel, Phyllis Cochran-Mazzeo, Kyle Brien, David Stiles, Mike DiIulio, Maria C Napolitano Martins, Michael Cook, Michael Cook, Charles Ellard, Mike Sorrentino and Diane LeBlanc.

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Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV

One thought on “The Somerville/Medford News Weekly Favorite Birthday Photos of the Week!”

  1. Today , is April 6 th .
    My mother Giovanni Dinapoli , Heavenly birthday .
    Mom u are not forgotten u are missed & loved each & everyday ..
    It’s been 3 years since u were called to heaven ..
    We love u …
    You’re son , Tony Dinapoli .

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