Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Adan AVALOS (Disorderly, Resisting Arrest)

On Friday, April 2, 2021 while assigned to W-6, myself along with W-5, Officer R. Sullivan, and W-7, Officer C. Collette were dispatched to Mike’s Restaurant at 9 Davis Square for a report of a fight.

When I arrived on scene I saw a thin Hispanic male, later identified as Adan Avalos throwing punches at various people outside of the main entrance to the restaurant. Avalos then backed away knocked over a hand sanitizer display and began lifting a granite top table to flip it over. Upon seeing me Avalos put the table down and walked over towards me yelling and raising his hands as if preparing to strike me. Upon seeing this I grabbed the front of Avalos’s jacket and escorted him down to the sidewalk. At this point, I grabbed the left wrist of Avalos and he pulled it away. I told Avalos to stop resisting but he continued pulling his arms away and swinging them. With the assistance of Officers Sullivan and Collette I was able to place Avalos in custody without further incident.

I was then able to speak with a witness, XXXX who told me that he was eating in Mike’s Restaurant when the staff told Avalos to leave. Avalos began yelling and “getting in the face” of the restaurant staff. At this point XXXX said he intervened by telling Avalos to leave and not yell at the female staff. XXXX said this angered Avalos and he began yelling at XXXX and attempted to hit him. XXXX said that was the point that officers arrived on scene.

I was also able to speak to the restaurant manager, XXXX who told me that Avalos was bringing outside alcohol into the restaurant and was asked to leave. She said that Avalos became angry at this request and began yelling and pushing furniture around inside the restaurant. XXXX said she called the police and waited by the door way until officers arrived on scene.

Avalos was transported to the Somerville Police Station by Officer M. Canty in Unit 200 where he was booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant DeOliveira for, c272/s53 Disorderly Conduct and c268/s32B Resisting Arrest.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Keith O’Donnell
Badge #340
Somerville Police Department

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