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Happy Birthday to Vanessa Bairos, John Gallo, Aiden abd Austin Yung, Kristen Taddeo, Helen Loughman, Ken Benoit, Jane Shapiro, Mike Augie, Billy McAllister, Bill Cheetham, Felicia Gargano, Judy Armstrong Salani, Billy O’b, Jason Corey, Michael Tiernan, Linda Sirignano, Dennis Serpone,

Edward Scott Adams, Tony Zammuto, Amy Logan Kelley (Pacheco), Linda Petrosillo Mirabella, Paul Feeney, Lucas Braga, Frank McSorley, Joe O’Driscoll, Maurice Ely Jr., Barbara Cramer, Adam Spencer, Chris, Ronald White Sr., Oscar Gonzalez, Candice Morrison, Michael Miller (Autism Santa), Cathy Tatosky, Lisa Fucci, Suzette Muise, Gregory B. Roche, Billy Ray Smith, Maria Dos Anjos, Jessika Chaves, Mark Davis, Joanne Sheehan Burke, Rhonda Annette, Russell Castor Jr, Paul Allan, Linda O’Loughlin, Kathleen Leonard, Joanne Oliver, Larry Salvato, Diane Theresa, Nancy Rego, Paula Brennick, Shannon Ryan Barter, Devon Alves, Elizabeth McNamara, Robin Sabatino Demuth, Paul Cardoso, Joe Pimentel, Danielle Griffin, Joe Esposito, Fernanda Santos, Donna Johnson, Dan Hausle, Paul Valente, Anthony Grassi, Chris Grover, Linda Lacolla, Al DeAngelis, Suzette Lunt, Daniel Thompson, Paula Vancini, Ted Woo, Vinícius Braga, Hago Jack Grigorian, James Norton, Christine Andrade McSheehy, Danielle Rogovich, Charlie DiRusso, Manny Koutantos, Tim Foley, Doug Wiswall, Linda Stone, Linda Johnson Moore, Kevin Conway, Jim Halloran, Richard Kwan, Cheryl Cabral, Elliott Moore (Irwin), Mary C. Alcaro and Kendall Snow.

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Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV

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