Somerville Beating a Dead Horse

By Arthur Moore

It just gets worse here. This city needs to be working with small business and helping them find ways to keep going. Each place is unique and needs to find what can be safely done in their place of business.

You can’t do a generic lockdown and expect it to work. Granted the city is tossing a few dollars at the problem but that is no fix for the problem. Obviously by now we know this is going to be around for a long time sadly. We need to stop working on projects that just waste money and put some real effort into this before it is too late if it is not already. Let’s let the businesses offer solutions to the problem if they can. They are there on the job each day and I would think for the most part they are willing to do most anything just to survive until this does go away. We need to get realistic here. I have been in a number of places and how they are handling it makes one feel very safe and looks to be safe. Just recently I wanted to take my family to the Mt Vernon and we had 7 people. I asked and they had to turn us down even though we are in the same house and are together every day and even though we were going at a slow time and easily could be away from everybody in the place by the way the place is set up. This is so unfair to them. We all want to get through this and want to support small business. How can we when the city works against us? And how about the city with all its taking away parking from small businesses so many cannot even go there? Traffic is way down. Make some concessions and make this work. It’s not going to go away in one week! Let’s really do something to help. We have people voted in and paid a salary to work for us. Let’s do that then. This is the real problem of today. If you can’t do that job then let someone in that can and is willing. We are less than one year away from an election and each and every one of you is helping the people that are going to oppose you. It’s obvious by now the mayor is on his way out and getting more of the local long time residents to jump in we can change this city to a caring one which is what it should be. Making a bad situation worse is not why you are there. Stop beating a dead horse!

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