Somerville Speakup Line: The gas smell is out of control

Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

I have a very long story but short version…National Grid has been doing work as I’m sure you are aware for quite a few months. The gas smell is out of control. I was told once my house was connected to the new meters and the old gas lines were turned off, I wouldn’t smell it anymore by Matt Carmody the construction supervisor.

This has been a giant lie. The smell is so overwhelming that even with my windows and storm windows closed you can smell it in the house especially at 2/3am when there is little traffic to move the smell around. I have contacted National grid, the mayors office, Shimat Kamal (the national grid rep for Somerville), Matt Carmody, Pat Jehlen (who tried to help but got the same answers I did), Matt McLaughlin, called 311 who sent the fire department…I can’t think of anyone else but do you know who might actually be able to help me????? I literally can’t take it anymore. I don’t sleep, I can’t hang out in my yard with my dog and wasn’t able to all summer. Now I have to shovel while inhaling fumes? I’ve offered to let them spend the day and night at my place but I’m sure you can guess that didn’t happen lol

How can I get this resolved once and for all? No one will help me or give me straight answers. I’m tired of the bs. And of course no one else in my neighborhood will do anything because they know it’s not worth the time to get no help.

Thanks in advance,

A Somerville Resident

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