Somerville City Hall’s Political Nonsense, A Chicken In Every Pot

By Arthur Moore

Granted this is early in the game for the upcoming election. I can already see the running for office slogans coming up. The ones used to get themselves voted in. Slogans that are really meaningless as nothing will be done with it. Big one is affordable housing. We already know what that means. Some apartments which can be rented for less money but still not affordable.

These are built for profit. The builders are in it to make money. The reality is we are not going to get affordable housing as we think of it. But it is just being used like the chicken in every pot one. And transportation. We can’t afford any more of that here. We are going broke building the Green line which should have been done so long ago when they were on a roll. It was an amazing thing back then to get this up and running on as few dollars as possible. It worked well.

If this talk is brought up it is for voting purposes. We are too heavy in debt and so is the T. They are cutting back and we will have less. What we don’t see are the real issues being talked about. The homeless situation is bad and is getting worse. Why do we keep wasting money on stupid things and not put it to good use doing what is right. Why is that not a priority of people running for office? Senior homelessness has gone through the roof. Kids going to school here that are homeless. We missed many chances here to help. So where is the talk about that?

If people running can’t mention the real problems facing us and some kind of plan to move forward and help then they are not working for us and we need not employ them. And running for office does not mean you get the job to do what you want.

You are an employee and are expected to do what your employers (the taxpayer) want you to do. If you can’t do that you should not be running for that job. We do not need people running if they just want a part time cushy job. We need people willing to do the job right as they are requested to do.

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