Somerville, More Poles Than a AAA Defense Driving Course

By Arthur Moore

Here are two pictures of absolute insanity of placement of those silly poles. You cannot even see all of them in the photos.

This is your tax dollars being wasted on ridiculous silly poles in one area of Lowell Street with no rhyme or reason for them. This from a city that makes a big deal out of banning plastic. Then we get tons of these stuck in our roads. How would like to spend a lot of money to buy a nice house and then have these silly things stuck in the street accomplishing nothing but looking stupid sticking there. So many useful things that they could be accomplishing in this city in this time of problems. It’s so sad how they make this city look so awful. These should be banned from this city. And I got plenty of comments from businesses in this area. None of which I can repeat here. We are in desperate need of change here. Please, those that have been here for years please run for office We are in desperate need of some common sense here. This has to stop.

One thought on “Somerville, More Poles Than a AAA Defense Driving Course”

  1. Horrible, just horrible! Obviously the masterminds making the decisions to put them up DO NOT travel these roads at all. Between the GD poles, the wideass sidewalks and the bike lanes between parked cars its a mess. Sign City!

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