Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Rachid BELHADJ (Resisting Arrest) (Braintree & Boston Warrants)

On December 10, 2020, I, Officer Tim Van Nostrand, was on duty and assigned to uniform patrol of Assembly Row. At approximately 2:00pm, while parked at the intersection of Artisan Way and Assembly Row, I observed a male known to me as Rachid Belhadj walking past LegoLand.

Belhadj is well known for shoplifting from retail establishments. I also have knowledge that Belhadj was wanted for multiple arrest warrants at this time.

I made contact with Belhadj in the intersection of Assembly Row and Canal St, and ordered him to stop. Belhadj complied and walked over to me. As he approached I could see a large bulge in the front of his pants. I know from past thefts that Belhadj conceals merchandise in his pants before fleeing retail establishments. I informed Belhadj that there were active warrants for his arrest, and ordered him to place his hands behind his back. Belhadj began to yell, and back away from me. I grabbed Belhadj by his right upper arm, and ordered him to place his hands behind his back. Belhadj then began to struggle with me, pulling away and pushing me. I attempted to bring Belhadj to the ground unsuccessfully, and he slipped my grasp. He then turned around and came back toward me. I grabbed control of his arm again, and attempted to handcuff him, but Belhadj continued to resist. During this struggle, Belhadj thrust his hand toward me numerous times in an attempt to strike me, however I was able to prevent full extension of his arm. I continued to give loud commands, to which Belhadj repeatedly ignored and continued his assaultive behavior. I struck Belhadj with a closed fist which resulted in Belhadj being stunned. I was finally able to take Belhadj to the ground, and got one handcuff on before Belhadj began reissuing again. I gave numerous commands to roll onto his stomach, to which he refused. I held Belhadj in a wrist lock until Officer Courtney Reece (East 1) arrived and assisted me in completing the handcuffing.

While awaiting the prisoner transport wagon, I located numerous items of stolen clothing in his backpack. Belhadj continued to resist while handcuffed, and then began spitting toward Officer’s when placed in the wagon. Officer Robert Anaya transported Belhadj to the station where he was booked by Lt. W. Rymill. During the booking process, additional stolen clothing was located in Belhadj’s pants where I first observed the bulge.

I returned all stolen property which totaled $134.97 from Banana Republic, $400 from Columbia Sports, and $241 from Nike Outlet. In addition to the outstanding warrants, Belhadj is charged with three counts of Receiving Stolen property, and one count of resisting arrest.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Tim Van Nostrand
Somerville Police Dept.

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