Somerville Mayor Curtatone Recuses Himself As Mayor Over Curtatone Family Owned Pot Shop

By William Tauro

Is it true that Somerville City Councilor Matt McLaughlin is now the acting mayor of Somerville? And why what’s up with Curtatone? Is Matt the acting mayor because of one of Joe’s family ties is on a marijuana application that his sister the Dragon Lady Maria is an applicant?

Well, well, well, what do you know, Mayor Joseph Curtatone has temporarily recused himself as mayor on issues and now City Councilor McLaughlin is the city’s acting mayor. It appears that Mayor Curtatone’s sister is getting a family pot shop license in her name. I wonder what the name of it will be? “Smokey Joe’s Pot Shop” has a good ring to it! Or how about something like “Smoken Joe’s Drive-in Pot Dispensary and Eatable Cookie Shop?

Maybe now this explains why the mayor opened the “Cosmo Curtatone Irrevocable Trust, naming his sister Maria Curtatone the South Middlesex Registra of Deeds and their elderly mother both beneficiaries of the trust who is now the owner of the new Curtatone owned pot shop license. But you have to also realize that he at anytime he wants can add himself on the trust as a beneficiary himself.

Here’s a little background on Cosmo Curtatone. Cosmo Curtatone was Mayor Joe’s father. Cosmo Curtatone was a very nice man as well as a very good friend of mine who I have known before I knew his children, Maria and Joe. I had coffee with Cosmo just about every morning back in the day with him at my ex-in-law’s home on Hudson Street in Somerville. Cosmo past away almost thirty years ago and may God rest his soul. But now his children are dragging his good name through the mud with a crooked self serving Curtatone family owned pot shop.

Let us not forget, two years ago that this South Middlesex Registra of Deeds Maria Curtatone, who has a Somerville Police report on file at the Somerville Police Department for abusing her own elderly mother by beating up her up several times with her younger brother Cosmo Jr. who in my opinion should be nickednamed the abuser! Maria is also the one who threw that underage drinking party with over four hundred Somerville youth that attended her underaged drinking party up on Prospect Hill where she provided alcohol to the minors.

Let us not forget as well that a person was stabbed and another one suffered a concussion at this Curtatone party where no charges were filed nor any arrests made because the mayor okayed it. Mayor Joe and one of his cohorts Somerville Police Captain Cotter aka Captain Coverup conveniently ditched the investigation where the officer who was supposedly had been working the detail at this party who was to high at the time and drifted away from the police detail to go who knows where. That detail officer later responded one hour after the stabbing occurred drunk as a skunk and not being able to even file the report because of his intoxicating condition. But that’s OK because it’s Somerville and Joey is the mayor.

Do we really want this family to own a pot shop in Somerville? Why hasn’t any of the city counselors intervened and stepped up to the plate yet to speak out about it monstrosity? I don’t know about you guys, but to me this is totally unacceptable and they in my opinion they all should be prosecuted and indicted!

Under a Tauro Administration, an investigation followed by a prosecution for all of them will happen! That individual, Joe’s sister the registrar who’s labeled as the “Dragon Lady” should be impeached from her office at the Middlesex Registry of Deeds and prosecuted for her crimes as well as for her brother!

So who’s fooling who here and why is this even happening? Self-serving Joe gotta go and take his sister with him!

No matter what it is, this whole episode is totally wrong and he’s a self-serving person. And now as a sitting register of deeds, how is she even being allowed on owning a pot shop? How does that not effect ethic laws by this type of behavior in this city?

6 thoughts on “Somerville Mayor Curtatone Recuses Himself As Mayor Over Curtatone Family Owned Pot Shop”

  1. No one is surprised at this recent turn of events. What some refuse to acknowledge is the mayor is always the same double-dealing degenerate who will try to intimidate, threaten and try to ruin their life unless they do what is told. Every one of those councilors knows this about the mayor. This is the reason “constituency services”, is a thing of the past, except for those paying customers aka donors. Local homeowners don’t count, not in his imaginary world.

    You have to wonder why anyone would want the job working for such and untrustworthy and loathsome heathen. His own former brother in law who will no longer be in power to compromise the fate of the innocent in order to protect this criminal, (you have to wonder what they have on each other in every working or other relationship), so we will soon see the house of cards tumble. The mayor is a perfect example to explain Lord Acton’s famous quote…”Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. He rules with his ego, nothing more. No one can buy or coerce true respect from anyone, they have to earn it. He doesn’t understand that and never will.

  2. Just the usual. One year to go for the new mayor to step in and fix things. Just need more going for council and at large. The time has finally come. It’s as close to a sure thing as you can get. It;s finally over. And long overdue.

  3. That is all that Matt can do is act as Mayor and City Councilor. Its just another example of how poor the politicians are that run the city.
    Its all about revenue nothing else and the beneficiaries line their pockets with more money at the expense of the residents.
    Somerville is all but ruined by the lack of honesty, integrity and compassion for a better community.
    They all need to go. Hopefully more candidates will be up for challenging this bunch.

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