Local Leaders/Former Officials Endorse Catia Sharp For State Representative in the 27 Middlesex District


Dear Somerville Neighbor
Statewide Preliminary election day is September 1st, and long-time MA state Rep. Denise Provost is NOT running for re-election. Please join those of us who are signed on to this letter, as well as many others, in supporting Ms. Catia Sharp to succeed Rep. Provost as the state representative for the 27th Middlesex district (Wards 5 & 6, and certain precincts in Wards 2& 3) for the Ma House of Representatives.
Why Catia Sharp?
Catia is a seven-year resident of Somerville, a City that she has learned to love. Catia is active in her community and has proven by her work ethic that she is not one looking to work in the big money employment opportunities but rather she has dedicated herself to help others in need. Catia comes from a family that suffered many financial hardships due to medical issues and she continues to make payments on her large student loans, so she understands the problems that most families are facing today.

On the other hand, candidate Erika Uyterhoeven’s Somerville required residency became an issue as a result of her buying a house in Somerville, continuing to vote in Cambridge. She only registered to vote when she learned that current Rep. Provost was not going to run for re-election.
Please check out digboston.com/background-residence-at-issue-in-somerville-race-for-open-seat/ to learn more about this opportunist candidate and the false claim that she comes from a working-class background.
Catia Sharp previously worked for Governor Deval Patrick where, as part of her responsibilities, she successfully developed a program to house homeless adults. Now working in a public capacity, Catia is presently creating mental health and substance abuse programs for those in need. Catia also worked with ROCA, a non-profit organization offering job-training and life skills to those that have been serving jail time. Catia Sharp knows how to listen, and when she sees a problem, reaches out to others, and Catia Sharp works to help solve the problem; Check out http://www.shapforsomerville.com.
More than ever, Somerville needs experienced and Somerville-based elected officials with a common-sense approach to the needs of our Somerville community: Catia Sharp is the best choice for your state Representative.
We sincerely hope that you will also agree that Catia Sharp deserves to be our choice for state Representative for the 27th Middlesex District Preliminary election on SEPTEMBER 1st, 2020.
Eugene C. Brune, Mayor Emeritus, Former Somerville Mayor Dorothy Kelly Gay, former Somerville Ward Three Alderman Bob McWatters, former Somerville Ward Six and Alderman at Large Jack Connolly, Retired Somerville Dep. Police Chiefs Michael Cabral and Paul Upton, long-time Ward Three business man and Chamber of Commerce Member Tom Bent, and Ms. JoAnn Rivieccio, Founder and Chair of the local residency non-profit ‘Somerville Overcoming Addiction’.


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