Letter from the Editor: Hiding Black On Black Domestic With Guns Drawn In Somerville


By William Tauro

During the early morning hours of this Thursday morning at about 2:00 AM, a domestic call took place around the area of 210 Highland Avenue in Somerville. As police officers responded on scene they immediately determined the situation to be a black on black domestic dispute (husband and wife)/(man and woman) in which the male had a gun in hand. As police evaluated the situation further and yes with guns drawn disarmed the suspect placing him under arrest.

According to sources that witnessed the situation as it took place noticed now that the mayor and the Somerville City Councilors are keeping it quiet and low-key not reporting the matter to the media so not to let the public know about it.

My question here is if this was a white on black or a white on white domestic matter and the shoe was on the other foot where police drew their weapons would it of made the news?

Where this was a black on black situation the mayor and the city Councilors are playing it down hoping it will all just go away.

Every citizen should call the Somerville Police Department in demand a copy of the police report of this situation and see how it reads and make it public. It’s not right it’s not constitutional for picking and choosing what you want to put out there to make yourself and your political party look good. And these morons want to defund the Police! Yeah right!

This story is still developing…

“All Lives Matter!”

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