By Bob Katzen
The Senate 39-0, approved and sent to the House bill that would require all public universities to offer ways for individuals with intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders or developmental disabilities to participate in programs that provide academic, career and independent living skills alongside students who do not have disabilities. These students would not be required to pass the MCAS, have a high school diploma, meet minimum requirements for academic courses, or take college entrance exams in order to access inclusive academic, social, and career development opportunities on college campuses with their peers

“A little more than thirty years after the Americans with Disabilities Act became U.S. law, I am proud that the Senate has expanded this legacy by passing An Act Creating Higher Education Opportunities for Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities,” said Sen. Joan Lovely (D-Salem). “Breaking down barriers to higher education for persons with developmental and intellectual disabilities so they can enroll in college courses and participate in extracurricular activities represents a right and long overdue step for young people of all abilities. I am excited to see all of the great changes that will result if this bill becomes law.”

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