Reminder to the Somerville Community to Not Set Off Fireworks

Photo byHarry Agritha

Along with being illegal in Massachusetts, fireworks pose public health and safety threats. Fireworks can start fires, which can spread quickly through our densely populated neighborhoods. The noise from fireworks can also be traumatizing to those with post-traumatic stress disorder and can be very upsetting to animals. This 4th of July weekend – and throughout the summer – we’re reminding everyone to be a good neighbor and not set off fireworks.

One thought on “Reminder to the Somerville Community to Not Set Off Fireworks”

  1. And they really expect people to listen to this? Can say and print anything you want about this and it will be ignored. Expect it to be worse this year as people will do what THEY want not what they are told to do. This is very unrealistic.

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