Somerville Phase 3 Reopening & Gatherings to Follow Boston July 13 Schedule at Earliest, with Possible Later Openings

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Exceptions for Health and Human Services, which will proceed according to Governor’s schedule

City working with businesses to develop health and safety plans

Additional guidelines to be issued next week

SOMERVILLE, MA – With COVID-19 cases on the rise throughout much of the country, Somerville Phase 3 reopenings — and implementation of gatherings guidance — will proceed on a more cautious schedule than those outlined by the Governor.

With the exception of the Phase 3 Healthcare and Human Services providers, which will open according to statewide plans, no other currently closed establishments in Somerville will reopen prior to July 13, which is the delayed reopening date set by the Governor just for Boston. Updated guidelines for gatherings will also not go into effect until July 13 at the earliest. This will give City officials time to continue working with business owners to create safety protocols. In some cases, opening dates later than July 13 may be set as a result. Additional guidelines will be shared next week.

Businesses in the Phase 3 reopening include large indoor venues generally considered to be at high risk for viral spread without proper measures in place, such as movie theaters, cultural centers, and performance venues. Opening dates and gathering guidelines will be announced after due diligence has been performed to ensure activities will proceed with proper safety measures and plans in place that will reduce risk to public health and be part of a sustainable reopening.

The Governor’s plan allows for reopenings to start Monday, July 6, except for in Boston, which will reopen July 13. Yet, as with most previous phases, Somerville will take a more cautious approach given that it is the most densely populated city in Massachusetts and in the heart of the metro Boston region.

For more information and regular COVID-19 updates, visit and sign up for City alerts at We urge you to sign up for every alert method you are able to receive: phone call, text, email. Also follow and @SomervilleCity.

One thought on “Somerville Phase 3 Reopening & Gatherings to Follow Boston July 13 Schedule at Earliest, with Possible Later Openings”

  1. Can they drag their feet any slower? Idiots. Such a lack of common sense. We are so far behind because the powers that be are so clueless as how to do things. So much could have been opened using common sense. There has been no need to hold back the country more than it needed to. But you can’t fix stupid. Businesses are more than willing to do whatever they can to save what little they may have left. They will use common sense so they can remain open. Give them a little credit here. Train the council members so they can be of some help and do something besides going on tv and looking stupid. Even at this many will stay away as they are still afraid so there will be no crowds rushing into these places. Look how they held back the gold courses? Have you ever seen anything so stupid? They are far apart when golfing. Granted not essential but it is just the stupidity of it. Gyms easily could work out a system as it is large enough to keep people apart and cleaning things after they use a piece of equipment. It is simple enough to set up a system to do that. We need every place open we can and at least making something so we can revive this country. Each person added to the payroll is one step closer. Stop screwing up and use that blob on top of your shoulders and stop with getting your face in the news every day saying nothing. We are not that stupid!

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