Letter to the Editor:Cremin Family Grateful for Act of Kindness at Deanna Cremin Square Somerville


Hi Billy,

I would like you to copy and print the story I just posted in Justice for Deanna Cremin about a man who has made it his mission to keep the memorial wreath hung at Deanna Cremin Square intact and dignified. His name is Tim DelMedico and he is homeless. I am sure it will mean a lot to him to be publicly acknowledged.

Every year since Deanna’s murder, her father Bert has a wreath hung at the corner of Jaques and Temple Streets. Also known as Deanna Cremin Square. The wreath is often in need of being resecured, and repaired. I want to thank Tom DelMedico,.who I met yesterday noon after he had just clamped the wreath securely to the pole. Tom is a kind man who is also homeless. He told me he feels Deanna’s spirit from doing this selfless act of kindness.
My family and I are grateful for the your help Tom DelMedico.

Katherine Cremin

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