City of Somerville Verses Covid19

By Arthur Moore

Trying to determine which is worse is difficult. The Covid19 is just doing it one way where the city is getting you many ways. I watched this morning as I have the street cleaning issues. No one has a place to go. The city does know that as they keep taking away parking and they know many can’t go to work so what is the best way to raise revenue?

Why street cleaning of course. I saw so many with tickets on their cars the city must be real proud of themselves. This is a case of the city helping us through a bad time at this time in America. The state should look into this as it is just the same as price gouging and capitalizing on a national disaster to make money. But then the city is so very good at kicking people when they are down it is just second nature to them.

Businesses are starting to reopen and hoping to make a comeback. Well the city has taken care of that for you. Broadway still has the unused protected bike lane blocking the businesses on Winter Hill for anyone with mobility problems using them. Even the city retirement board. Three of these businesses have elderly people with mobility problem that can’t go there because the city intentionally blocks them.

The ADA letter to the city has been ignored. The hairdresser there had moved there because the city took their parking at their other location. Remember they took the parking after they moved on and set up. No advance warning. They have done this to others as well. Christines no sooner moved in and the city yanks her parking spots. What is the problem? Someone not getting paid off?

All this and more as people in the city try to get moving on with their lives. Then they have the nerve to say how they are helping with loans. While at the same time screwing with their businesses. Covid19 looks more like the common cold compared to the City of Somerville.

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