Thoughts on Today’s Racism

By Arthur Moore

I will start by saying this is just a personal view. As for the Floyd incident to trigger this off I am not sure we have all the facts yet to decide if it is even race related. It is said they knew each other. So maybe there is more info to be had here to clarify that. As for the police watching him I understand they stick together but then there is a time when they have to put that aside and do the right thing. I think too much of this incident was fueled for the wrong reason. I am not against the protest as it is the right thing to do. Some took advantage of that and ruin it for the people who are doing the right thing to make their statement. I am sure racism plays a part in some things as it is something that is here. I do not know how the police force or other agencies can weed these people out. It is almost like mass murderers, the quiet guy next door. But somehow police that know a fellow officer to be racist is going to have to step up. I am no expert on how the police will protect each other but I would think with all that is going on they do now want to be part of it now and be taking blame for not speaking up. My theory is that it is taught by the parents of children. I don’t see how you can have this much hatred for nothing. My upbringing was not that way. I just can’t dislike someone on the basis of race. I will dislike someone for who they are, not color. I think the people protesting for the right thing need to figure out a way to not let the bad apples who show up to make them look bad. I think racism has been going down slowly and I am afraid the amount of years at this pace will never be quick enough. As for the police, I am sure most are in it for good reasons. Today it is so much tougher on them. And I can guarantee they don’t want these bad apples screwing things up for them. I don’t know the quick answer to this. But let’s not hate all the wrong people over this. And I wouldn’t stop protesting for what you believe in. Peaceful will get you a lot of exposure and respect. The average person certainly does not want racism problems. We should have evolved past that by now, but some are keeping it going. I think the fight for change will be changing those children so they don’t carry it on to the next generation. But I am saying this out of my life experiences and the people I meet along the way.

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