Practice What You Preach In Somerville Mayor Curtatone


By William Tauro

Somerville under Covid19 pandemic restrictions and all going on while racial motivated riots with looting alerts throughout our city streets but the mayor wants change in the Somerville Police Department. If our police department is so expendable, why are they patrolling our streets at Assembly Row and Davis Square for looting and why in the world is Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone being escorted around the city in a chauffeured SUV driven by an armed Somerville police officer? Doesn’t that position need to be defunded along with everything else at the Somerville Police Department? He is no different from you and me and should drive his own unprotected self around the city.

With the mayor’s newest publicity stunt of “Mayor Curtatone Announces Next Steps in Ongoing Efforts to Provide Just, Unbiased, and Compassionate Community Policing” I’m calling this idiot out to look at his own world. SMH!

What’s he going to do next unarm the cops of their guns to fend for themselves. but instead arm the Somerville Police Department with water balloons and spitballs! Why not supply the rioters with pallets of city bricks while you’re at it Mr. Mayor?

Maybe the mayor should practice what he preaches, with his own provable corruption , his sister’s illegal activities, his cousin the drug dealer ex-cop’s illegal dealings of narcotics, his brother’s elderly abuse of their elderly mother and his wife beatings, his crooked police Captain Coverup’s, his two favorite DPW Overtime Scandal thieves, et al alleged crimes that they’ve all committed since he took office?

And let’s not forget the Penis wielding Somerville cop who the mayor tried to promote three times after this creep getting caught photo-copying then putting his penis on an elementary school copy machine then onto the school’s computer emailing it out committing a federal crime. This moron cop even got caught stealing the identity of a Concord police officer because he was dating his wife. Instead of prosecuting this creep, Mayor Curtatone asked the city council on three different occasions to promote his sorry ass instead! SMH!

So for the mayor to put out in an official City of Somerville press-release calling for “A calling for the creation of an independent special prosecutor at the state level to review and where appropriate to prosecute cases of potentially criminal police misconduct rather than leaving this authority with county district attorneys” maybe Mr. Mayor you should begin by looking in your own closet.

Let’s now just sit back and watch the mayor and the city council with hopes that they do the right thing on handling the recent March 2020 Somerville Department of Public Work’s new overtime scandal investigation/raid of stolen taxpayer dollars. The police raid took place at the Somerville DPW knocking down doors, seizing computers and placing multiple suspensions against his bunch of self entitled crooks that took place just before the Covid19 scandal overshadowed it in the news!

Let’s see which one of those crooks walks and talks and if it gets swept under the big old Somerville DPW rug of political protected thugs again like the former deceased DPW commissioner used to do for the mayor? The big joke here is that this is at the taxpayers’ expense again.

So Mr. Mayor, if you want to start penalizing these new cops that’s fine, but stand up, do the right thing and take responsibility and penalize your outstanding situations first. Practice what you preach Mr. Mayor. Even better why don’t you debate me let me ask you the questions and see how you answer them truthfully? Not! We know that won’t happen because you and your posse have too much to lose if you told the truth, right?

We don’t have city leadership here in Somerville, just self profiting political puppets looking out for themselves and not the people.

To Mayor Joe, this is all nothing but a political media stunt to gain more self attention while a convenient deversion diverting your eyes and ears away from the truth and provable incriminating facts and evidence against these thugs.

Their all nothing but a bunch of elite opportunists and political hacks doing what they do best and that is giving away the shirt off your back.

The family of George Floyd definitely deserves justice about the crimes that were committed against him, but so doesn’t the taxpayers of Somerville who deserve justice for crimes that were committed against them as well.

The only reason that this administration gets away with what they do is because they go with the silent strategy with the hopes that things will just go away and they have. But people need to speak up and ask questions if they want results, if not they win again!

We’re calling you out Mr. Mayor!

It’s in the Book!


2 thoughts on “Practice What You Preach In Somerville Mayor Curtatone”

  1. Open & so honest. Best article I’ve read in a long time. It’s great to stand up and expose his many dirty secrets. The long time folks who have lived in Somerville know all to well about him & his families secrets. I just can’t believe he continually gets voted back into office by these liberal democrats who get just what they deserve. A do nothing long time criminal who says DO as I Say Not as I Do.Yeah that’s you Joe & we’re calling You out.

  2. please please please expose his and Maria’s dirty dealings. It would be the best read ever!!!!!

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