Why Are People In Somerville Not Taking This Virus Seriously??


By Arthur Moore

I drive around the city and I see that maybe 1/3 of the people are not wearing masks when around other people. Davis Square people are now bumping into each other they are now so close to each other. Then going by the community path the same problem, at least when I went by.

More a problem with bikers and joggers. I am sure not all but enough that maybe the path should be shut down. We supposingly coming into the worse part of this and if we were not serious before we should be by now.

There is enough info out there by now that everybody should understand the situation. Blue bike stations are open another good way to pass the virus around. People still tossing off their masks and gloves when getting into their vehicle.

I see this mostly at S&S but haven’t been in all lots. Streets that I have been on have been decent. Cambridge like down Walden Street is really bad. So it is not just here. We have elected officials we voted in. Where are they? Are they not checking their wards looking for these problems and helping to resolve them? It’s like we need to put them on a milk carton. I know we are all going crazy being tied down with this but even with just some of the people helping it is working. All the people would make it work even better.

All of us want to get back to our lives. Let’s get with the program here. We have a lot of people working on a cure; let’s hope someone stumbles over one real soon. Meanwhile let’s think of those around us and be part of saving lives. We have store workers dying, doctors and nurses, people in nursing homes, police and so many others. Don’t make them die for nothing.

One thought on “Why Are People In Somerville Not Taking This Virus Seriously??”

  1. Now we are learning that runners need to be fifteen feet away from us in order to be safe. Not sure if that applies to bikes also. Maybe just close the path to people who walk so we can be safe.

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