Somerville Keeps Construction Stoppage in Place


The Somerville Construction Advisory issued on Monday, March 23rd, remains in full force. The City of Somerville had previously issued Construction COVID-19 Safety Guidelines to allow construction to move forward with site-specific safety plans ensuring social distancing and following state and federal safety guidelines for COVID-19. Upon review of those plans and through spot site checks, we discovered we could not at this time control for every factor to ensure safe social distancing and other health and safety guidelines, particularly due to Somerville’s dense urban environment. Therefore, to protect the workers on these sites, their families, and everyone they come into contact with, the City of Somerville construction suspension remains in full force. Worksite managers with questions should contact their City Project Manager or Inspector.

3 thoughts on “Somerville Keeps Construction Stoppage in Place”

  1. If need be Have the National Guard There to enforce this order .They can spread this virus everywhere .These workers are from all over the place it al comes down to money. More important than a life

  2. Who will enforce this? Example,
    35 Dane Street, owned by Jason Kahan and Olga Bassa is not an essential construction and they are ignoring the Mayor’s stop order.

  3. I’m confused everyday I see a Somerville High School construction site shuttle bus run through my neighborhood from under rte 93 to the job site.

    A guess there are at least 15 – 20 workers riding together each trip seven days a week. Maybe I have a little less common sense than some overseeing the job or the city. But this along with the four hundred on the job site working together, gathering at lunch, waiting in line to eat from the canteen truck and visiting the nearby convenience store cannot be controlled.

    This is clearly negligence on behalf of those running and representing this city. The four hundred pose a greater risk which could multiply in the hundreds to thousand should just one worker contract the virus.

    If a prince, president and a protected healthcare worker contract it certainly spells trouble for the Somerville High project. It would mean a complete shut down of the project.

    Somerville leads the way.

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