Somerville High School Construction Workers Still Working/Somerville Police Officer In Hospital/Coma Situation Silenced


By William Tauro

This picture was taken at 1:00PM this past Thursday, March 26, 2020 so it’s happening now as I’m reporting along with these photos to validate it. These photos were taken at the Somerville High Schoolconstruction site. Does it look like these guys (Managers setting an example for their workers)are practicing social 6’ distancing?

Four hundred (non-essential) workers on that site (many of them out of sight on the roof as well as inside working away) hammering away spreading germs amongst themselves and us while doing so. Why isn’t the mayor placing an immediate halt to the project before people get sick?

Now to make things even worse, according to sources, as of today, we were informed that a Somerville Police officer who is out with severe pneumonia. He’s in the hospital in a coma and the city has said zip to his fellow workers at the Somerville Police station notifying them so they can take precautions instead of putting many at serious risk of contamination. Everyone should have been notified especially to those whom may have been in close contact with that police officer.

The entire station personnel should be notified immediately of this serious situation and the entire building should be shut down and sanitized as well as for the cruisers for everybody safety.

This police officer has been in the hospital being treated since Monday.

This story is still developing as we will report more information as we obtain it.

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