Letter from the Editor:Selfish Inconsiderate Somerville Teacher Gets Called Out by Outraged Parent

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By William Tauro

This was posted early Friday morning after the City of Somerville announced closures of schools and Municipal buildings throughout the city due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The posting was by an outraged parent in regards to a selfish and a unconsciousness minded teacher whose husband attended the recent Biogen Conference in Boston, the “epicenter”of the Coronavirus outbreak in Massachusetts, and neglected to tell anybody but still exposed herself  to dozens and dozens of people in an elementary school including dozens of elementary students in that school.

First, of all, out hats go off to this parent who made this bold statement! Second, this teacher’s actions were inexcusable and she should be fired! End result is that it’s a very sad situation of pretty inconsiderable actions of one person who’s bad decisions that has affected many innocent lives in our society.

Should more action be taken against this teacher for her actions? What are your thoughts?


Outraged Parent’s Message  to Somerville Teacher:

So let me understand this…”Mrs.Kindergarten”Teacher…Your husband attends the Biogen Conference in Boston, which we all have known (for at least a few weeks) was the “epicenter”of the Coronavirus outbreak in Massachusetts. As of today, 82 of the 108 in Mass confirmed cases are from the conference…and you say “Nothing”. You go to work each day with 18-20 5 years olds…
and you say “Nothing”….You walk the halls, you hold PTA, you eat lunch with other teachers…which in turn go back to their classrooms of 18-20 kids…and you say ”Nothing”. Everyone goes home to their families…they go to work, family functions, sporting events etc…Yet you say “Nothing”
You Selfish Selfish Selfish woman…the tip of the iceberg …..the Epicenter of that school!


2 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor:Selfish Inconsiderate Somerville Teacher Gets Called Out by Outraged Parent”

  1. My comment to the person who is upset,and every parent out there with the teacher , First and foremost, she is a wonderful teacher and a person who cares for your child ( children ) evryday,her heart is full of care and concern about this. I know with all my heart she would never in anyway bring any harm to anyone…… Everyone should know that you yourself could be a carrier and never know you are, this isn’t anyone’s fault except the first person who had it and even they may have not known they did, When this first came about the goverments never should have let anyone!!!!!!!! back from where ever they were from. Please take a monment to realize how would you feel if this was you and you didn’t know you had it and you was around your elderly parents, grandparents your child etc……. I understand how scared everyone out there is,but having harsh words for the teacher and husdand isn’t cool at all. Do you really think that they would ever put there own child and parent at risk, NO they wouldn’t…. and as far as letting her go would be the biggest mistake from the school. How about the principal and vice pricipal and school board, how long or did they call or email you right away,,,, No they did not because I would have gotten the same email and call… so please take a good look around and stop throwing blame to one single person… Thank you

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