Somerville Office of Housing Stability to Launch Section 8 Voucher Incentive Program

0A2BAEA1-1829-407C-8D3B-F112ABA10E1B“SomerVIP” launches March 4 with community event. Program offers incentives, technical support for landlords and realtors who lease to residents holding vouchers.

The Office of Housing Stability and the Somerville Homeless Coalition are launching SomerVIP, its Section 8 Voucher Incentive Program, and invite all community members to a kickoff event on Wednesday, March 4 to learn more, including how landlords and realtors can receive incentives and technical support through the program. While all are welcome to come learn about this exciting new program, the kickoff event is geared to landlords with units renting in Somerville and realtors serving the Somerville area

8FCFA666-0DBC-4632-898F-3A8EE251D585SomerVIP offers one-time incentive payments, money for necessary repairs, and technical support to landlords and realtors who lease Somerville properties for the first time to Somerville residents holding vouchers and other mobile tenant-based programs. The program is being administered by the Somerville Homeless Coalition, which is currently accepting initial applications from Somerville residents holding mobile vouchers.

A kickoff event and workshop is planned for Wednesday, March 4, from 6 to 7 p.m. followed by a Q&A. The event will be held in the auditorium of the central library, 79 Highland Ave.

For more information about SomerVIP and other OHS programs, visit


One thought on “Somerville Office of Housing Stability to Launch Section 8 Voucher Incentive Program”

  1. I think section 8 is a great program to assist those in need of housing assistance. There are concerns that if you accept someone with a voucher it can have negative results. In some cases the city issues them to some just to get them out of their properties.

    Worse than that if they are a bad tenant there is NO assistance from them its all on the homeowner. What is worse the new housing stability program not only is training renters how to screw homeowners but they will assist them legally on your dime.

    Its pretty sad when the city is protecting someone other than the taxpaying long term resident.

    RENTER BEWARE ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! Section eighters its highly unlikely you will be living in ten hills.

    But great politics as usual.

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