Somerville Police News Updates:Metro Boston CIT TTAC Completes 5th CIT Class This Year!


This past Thursday,  the Metro Boston CIT TTAC completed their 5th CIT Class this year! A total of 26 officers ranking from Patrol to Captain participated. CIT training is a tactically sound 40 hour course focused on expanding law enforcement knowledge and skills to guide best practice response to individuals impacted by psychiatric illness, developmental disorders and co-occurring substance use disorders. Throughout the five days officers gain an increased understanding of behavioral health, effective communication and engagement skills, verbal and tactical de-escalation, navigating community resources, and risk assessment tools.

Communities Represented: Boston Police Department (Official) Cambridge Police Department, @LexingtonMAPolice, Lowell Police Department (Official) Medford Police Department, Revere Police Department, Somerville, Tewksbury Police Department – MA Weston Police Department – MA

Congratulations to our Officer Moreira and Officer O’Brien for completing their CIT Training.

Metro Boston CIT TTAC is a program of the Somerville Police Department. To learn more about MB CIT TTAC or CIT Training visit their website at:

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