Stand With the Restore Broadway Movement Tonight Sunday Nov. 3rd at 4PM to 6PM

Sunday Nov. 3rd at 4PM to 6PM at Winter Hill to come stand with us in support of safe streets and save the businesses of Winter Hill and help improve air quality. By Spring we may lose 7 businesses here on Winter Hill at the least. This has done so much damage in such a short time. Some have been here over 50 years. It’s time for us to stand in unity and do something for them for a change. These are not wealthy people and do not deserve to lose their businesses and jobs. All over 25 seconds for a short bus ride. Surely that is worth our support. Both bus and bike lanes remain empty most of the time which shows that this program is not working in our Winter Hill. Plus the city does not see the problem of people trying to get to a bus stop at Thursten Street. Seriously? Try it sometime. I have stood out there alone for many hours and I do not ask for much. Many of you I have already met. If not the whole two hours from five to six would be nice. Election day is coming and we need to send a message we want Winter Hill back! We are also protesting the problems this is causing to our side streets and making them unsafe as well now. For 25 seconds? And be very careful out there as not only do drivers drink and drive but bikers do too . Thank You very much Arthur Moore

2 thoughts on “Stand With the Restore Broadway Movement Tonight Sunday Nov. 3rd at 4PM to 6PM”

  1. You had to have seen this. 4 police cruisers to take some bikers to the WInter Hill Brewery for drinks with Niedergang. One cruiser stayed behind. I assume he was there with there with the breathalyzer. I want to know how they pick a designated driver? Who is paying for this private detail? And being a private detail if it is so that would mean no driving in the red lane. I feel bad for the police being stuck with this detail especially if a biker happens to be hurt or killed after their drinks. I will be uploading the video later.

  2. When was the last time we ever remembered being able to pull up to Mama Lisa and having a parking space? Or Winter Hill Bakery? You can’t notice here but no more double parking to get into Leone’s. And the other side of the street is worse.

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