Letter from the Editor:Let’s Vote These Asswipes Out Of Office In Somerville

By William Tauro

Shame on these two morons and shame on all of the rest of the idiotic Somerville City Counselors as well!

If you drive down Broadway in Somerville in the bus/bike lane you get slapped with a $500 ticket. If you go grab a fix of Heroine and/or Fentanyl to go shoot up and bring it into a city owned facility and shoot up it’s perfectly fine. Really?

What has become of this city? We have our crooked mayor and the not to far behind other elected officials with their heads tucked up their asses allowing this bullshit to happen.

Have these morons gone completely insane? Do they have any morals at all? Do they have any dignity or consciences at all to allow our kids to be enabling this kind of crap. It’s totally disgusting!

What’s next, will we have Crooked Curtatone ordering our police officers to give these crackheads rides home in police cruisers down Crooked-Curtatone-Mile?

Oh wait, even better, let’s give them a free pass to ride in the bus lane as well because we don’t want them being late to go to the next safe injection site that the taxpayers are paying for to enable this bullshit.

And let’s make damm sure that they don’t get stuck in traffic with these five closed down bridges and squares because we can’t have them being late for their next fix.

Seriously people, let’s cut the crap and get back to reality here in Somerville. Let’s vote these clowns out of office and send them packing especially Crooked Curtatone this coming November.

Let’s continue to Drain the Swamp in Somerville again and flush out these swamp creatures, all of them and let’s elect some decent normal people with humanity skills and brains in their places.

3 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor:Let’s Vote These Asswipes Out Of Office In Somerville”

  1. Dude you know you come across as one of those buddies one thinks is a buddy untill he doesnt get the unfair trwatmet he thonks he should get .conce ylthis hapoens u reslize that thus do called pal is a leech , true colors prevaol. Its happpened to us all . not you tho becsuse um you are tje leschy friend . i wont wadte my tome correcting spell bc u should figure out on your own dince no onr had let you know yet. Low ball cooment once again bc coming up streets w needles in ur arms was not cool around wgere in somerville u live?

  2. @Jonny M

    Same here. I remember those days well. I’m not for criminalizing drug users–that was just stupid. But do we really need to make it socially acceptable? Some people are just losers and it’s ok to say that. Don’t jail them, but don’t hand money to them.

    The problem is we have a crew of sneaky and arrogant people like Neidergang that want to impose their will on others.

    You can’t touch a tree on your own property. You can’t repave your own driveway. You can’t drive down a street. You can’t fix up your house or rent it at a fair price. And they’ve raise your taxes by thousands to pay for drug dens and all the rest of this junk as a thank you.

    These weasels that have come into office so suddenly need a wake up call from the regular working folks. Take care of the business of the city. Stop these vanity projects that spend our money to put yourselves in good with the liberal wing-nuts.

  3. If you are a law abiding tax paying resident of Somerville that gets up every morning and goes to work and looks after your family and neighbors, Somerville politicians will not do anything for you. If you are a drug user they will fall all over themselves to declare an “emergency” that only they can fix! I am not a Republican but I can see how so many older people have been turned off by the new ultra progressive dogma that has infected Somerville. I am also old enough to remember how when drugs was destroying minority communities in the 1980s and 1990s, nothing was done apart from “get tough on crime.” Now, because – *gasp* white people are dropping like flies – like the sons and daughters of white police officers and politicians – suddenly it’s an “emergency” that has to be dealt with kid gloves and huge amounts of taxpayers’ money. Baloney.

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