Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Hamza WARSAME (RS MV, Use MV without Authority)

On Thursday, September 19, 2019, while on full uniformed patrol in marked unit 781, I(Officer Patrick Canty) was on a directed patrol of the Healey School when I noticed a motor vehicle occupied by two parties. I queried the plate MA Tag xxxx and was notified the car was reported stolen. I radioed my location to dispatch and multiple units responded as back up.

I made contact with the male party in the driver’s seat. I explained to him the car was reported stolen. He was initially uncooperative and refused to identify himself. I ordered him out of the vehicle and he was placed into hand cuffs. I recognized him as Hamza Warsame from past incidents. I then ordered the female passenger from the vehicle. She was identified as XXXX.

During a search of the vehicle, officers located a passport belonging to Hamza Warsame. There was also a credit card in the center console with the same name. Mr. Warsame stated he paid a friend cash for the rental car. He claimed he only knew his friend as XXXX and had no further information. Warsame stated all of the property in the car was his, and I allowed the female passenger to take possession of his personal belongings at his request.

I then spoke with XXXX. She stated they had been driving around in the car for about a week. She stated he was using it while he visited his family.

Mr. Warsame could not provide any paper work or rental agreement. He stated XXXX took all the paper work with him when he took possession of the car.

Mr. Warsame was placed under arrest and transported to the Somerville Police Station in the Transport Wagon (Officer Ducasse) and booked By the Commander (LT Richard Lavey).

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Patrick Canty 306

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