In Somerville You Only Hear What They Want You To Hear

By William Tauro

What else is missing from the news here in Somerville that they don’t want you to know? They, meaning the administration. The police only report stories of crimes or statistics that the administration wants you to see. They don’t want you to hear about robberies, assaults, political corruption, rapes, drugs, terror threats or home invasions in the city.

For the most part they just want you to read what they want you to read to make Somerville to appear to be more like the Mayberry RFD of Massachusetts in which it’s not.

There are several news stories out there that you haven’t read yet. News that hasn’t made it to the news stations and they probably won’t.

Just this past week, I posted an article titled “74 YEAR OLD SOMERVILLE WIDOWED GRANDMOTHER PUNCHED IN FACE DURING HOME INVASION BY 16 YEAR OLD ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT” and I guarantee it made it to no other news stations except here in this publication.

The only reason we were made aware of this story is because the victim’s family called us and asked “Why aren’t you reporting what happened last night about my mother being attacked in a Somerville home invasion?” My immediate reply was “What are you talking about”, then they told me what had happened and so I reported it with truth and accuracy.

Many of you may recall an article that I wrote back in December of 2015 titled “Potential Terror Threat Lurking in the Somerville School System.” The article was regarding a 14-year-old Somerville student in possession of a manifesto of weapons, supplies and plans that he wanted to kill all the white male students in his Somerville elementary school.

Well I sure recall it because they tried to silence me from sharing the article with the public. The mayor actually set up a meeting with the chief of police, the deputy chief of police and myself to meet at a restarant in Billerica in which we did meet. Later that evening we discovered the purpose of the meeting which was to get me to withdraw the article and in which I obviously refused to do so.

We did our job reporting this news to spread awareness and to warn parents of what had transpired. The School department on administration damage control issued a press release stating that the “Terror Threat didn’t exist and that it was falsely printed” in capital letters, but in the same statement issued, a paragraph below stating that “An incident did in-fact occur.” So which is it, you can’t have it both ways? 

As many of you know for the past two or three years that I have been writing about political corruption that exists in the city of somerville. I’ve mentioned the corruption that exists in multiple articles over the years as well as in my recent book.

I always use real names, real places, real situations and true facts. If my stories weren’t true, I would’ve already been in court 10 times over being sued for slander. But obviously you noticed that I haven’t been sued nor has any of my articles been challenged by the administration so I’m doing something right.

But now you can do your part and demand results. Don’t let these important news stories and concerning issue just die down and get swept under the administration’s political rug, uncover the truth. 

Demand that the administration and the police department remain in close contact with the public when it pertains to these public safety concerns and report what really happens because we need to know.

Ask questions and demand truthful answers.
Demand these answers from your elected officials, school committee persons and police department officials to keep you up-to-date and warn the public, especially on situations like this. 

This administration constantly tries to pressure us here at the Somerville News Weekly on what we report and to not write what we write, but that won’t happen here.

Unlike us here, the other Somerville news outlets spend most of their time licking the administration’s boots and mostly report about Somerville fluff-stuff and not what is really happening here in the city warning the people.

They try to threaten us with our sponsors, take away our legal ads and anything else that they can try to do to break us, but we just ignore them and print the truth that the public needs to know.

We will expose it all, especially people who follow the administration’s orders to try to intimidate us with their petty and illegal actions to get us to cover up the truth.

This story is still developing…

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