The Somerville News Weekly Favorite Birthday Photos of the Week

Many Villens celebrating their birthdays this week in the Ville! Happy Birthday greetings go out to Sal Caruso, Patrick Catino, Peter Mcisaac, Medeiros, Karen Johnson, Danny Fabiano, Nancy Lavita Papadinis, Byron Borges, Kim Adams, Bruce Cohen, Michael Delicato, Robert Carnes, Doti Wedge-Metivier, Mario Oliveira, Kay Camara, Kenny Russell, Rosemarie Sousa, Joe Szulewski, Marlene Foster Bouchard, Tommy O’Connor, Darlene Defrancesco, Giuseppe Albanese, David Badger, Camille Stiles, Suzanne Lograsso, Dominic Marcellino, Jim Hughes, Barbara Spindler, Mike Morrison, Nicholas Oliveira, Tony Catatao, Mark Tauro, Angel Girvalakis, Peter Martin, Tom Kerr,Gayle Gunning Lombardo, Alicia Libucha, Marjorie Decker, Ron Kenny, Patrick Farrell, Chuckie Fitzgibbon, Frank Fraumeni, Junior Dunne, Robert Carr, Happy 19th Birthday to Giovanni Hughes and Happy 15th Birthday to Cadence Brooke

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