Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Matthew HENEBURY (Larceny, B&E)

On Tuesday, March 26, 2019, at approximately 16:40 hours, I, Officer Joseph Rivera, while in full uniform and working as East 2, responded to XX Beacon Street, apartment X, for a breaking and entering in progress. Officer Douglas Brioso was also dispatched as back up.

While en-route to XX Beacon Street, Somerville Police Dispatch informed the responding units that the reporting person, XXXX, was in the bathroom and could hear someone inside of the apartment. We were also informed that the suspect gained entry through a window that is located on the right side of the building.

On arrival, Officer Brioso and I walked to the right side of the building and immediately observed a window that was open. I proceeded to walk to the rear of the building to maintain a view of the side window and rear door. I requested that another unit respond and dispatch informed me that Ms. XXXX heard the front door slam shut. At this point Officer Brioso was at the front of the building and saw the defendant, now known to me as Matthew Henebury, who was wearing a brown hooded sweatshirt, blue jacket, and blue baseball cap, walking down the front steps in a fast pace, while holding 2 stuffed purses. Officer Brioso was able to stop Mr. Henebury across the street. I then joined Officer Brioso and handcuffed Mr. Henebury, double locked and checked for fit.

Officer Brioso was able to recover 2 large purses that contained 2 gray laptops, jewelry, and several personal items inside, including Ms. XXXX driver’s license. I read Mr. Henebury his Miranda warnings from a card that I keep in my chest pocket. Mr. Henebury stated that he was just coming from the square and refused to speak any further.

Mr. Henebury was then arrested for breaking and entering in the daytime, person in fear, and larceny from a building. He was transported to the station, via 200, by Officer Dylan Lambert, and booked in the usual manner by the shift commander, Lieutenant Gerard Rymill.

I then spoke to Ms. XXXX who stated that she was brushing her teeth in the bathroom when she heard the talk button go off. She stated that the talk button is a doorbell that is located in the front of the building. She stated that she peeked out the front window and observed a white male, who was wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt, at her front door. She stated that she did not recognize him and went back to the bathroom. Approximately 1 minute later, she stated that she heard someone rummaging in the bedroom that is across from the bathroom. She stated that she closed the bathroom door and texted her roommates to see if they were home. She stated that both of her roommates responded and said that they were not home. This is when she called 911. She stated that she remained on the phone and listened to see if there were more suspects in the apartment. She stated that she heard thing beings moved and then heard someone trying to open the bathroom door. She stated that she was scared as hell and remained as quiet as possible. She stated that she then heard footsteps walking away from the bathroom towards the front door. She then heard the door close and stated that it sounded like a loud heavy slam.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Joseph Rivera #309
Somerville Police Department

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