The Shakers April 13th 8PM at the Specialty Sandwich Company

Tick Tock…….Tick Tock……..The Party Of The Year Is Coming Fast ! We Can’t Wait To See Ya’ll On April 13th 🙂

After almost 2 years away from the stage The Shakers will return with a show that is sure to leave everyone asking where & when is the band playing again. No table, or bar is off limits. Heck, as you all know we just might bring the party out to the parking lot ! Be ready for anything & everything ! This is quite possibly our greatest collection of music to date ! Get all your friends…send invites to everyone you know ! You don’t want to miss this one ! Get there early for dinner, and stake claim on your table as this is sure to be a wall-to-wall Shaker Nation bash for the ages. See ya’ll there ! Whoooooooooooo !

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