Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Esteban HAYES (Shoplifting, Resisting Arrest & Brockton Warrants) & Rosaleen LOPES (New Bedford Warrant)

On Monday January 28, 2019, I, Officer Matthew Khoury was patrolling in marked unit East-3. At approximately 2:53 P.M., I was dispatched to Market Basket for a report of a shoplifter in the manager’s office, East-1 Officer Moreira was also dispatched. Upon arrival officers went to the manager’s office and were by manager, XXXX. XXXX had a male and female seated in the office and stated that the two attempted to leave the store with $51.00 worth of various meats in the females’ purse. XXXX stated when he approached the male at the front door of the store the male attempted to walk passed employees and continue to parking lot. When XXXX explained to the male that he could not leave the store with the unpaid merchandise a brief scuffle occurred involving the two and a couple of the other employees in an attempt to control the situation and bring the male to the manager’s office. After the situation was under control, Somerville Police were called.

I then asked the male for his identification to which he stated he did not have with him. The male originally gave a name of XXXX. After a query of that name, no results were found. I asked the male if he had his wallet on him and he said no. I then asked the male to stand up and as he did, I could see a bulge in his back pocket. I asked what the bulge was and the male stated it was his wallet. In his wallet was a Massachusetts ID with the name Esteban Hayes, D.O.B. xxxx. After a query of this name it was determined that there were multiple warrants for his arrest (Docket #1715CR001730 and #1715CR002607). At this time I asked Hayes to stand up and put his hands behind his back. As I attempted to handcuff his right wrist, Hayes pulled away and began to run towards the staircase in an attempt to leave the store. Officers attempted to regain control of Hayes’ arms but he continued to resist and pull away. After a brief struggle, Hayes was wrestled to the ground where officers were able to successfully handcuff him. I then asked the female for her identification and after a query it was determined that she also had a warrant for her arrest (Docket #1833CR000325).

Both parties were transported to the Somerville Police Department by Unit 200, Officer Brown and booked in the usual manner by Sgt. Shackelford.

Due to the above mentioned events, I will also be charging Esteban Hayes with Resisting arrest C268 s32B and Shoplifting by concealing C266 s30A.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Matthew Khoury #316

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