Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Jose GUILLEN (VCO Open Container & Boston Warrant) & Jose POSADA LANDAVERDE (VCO Open Container)

On 1/31/2019, I (Officer Devin Schneider) was in full uniform while assigned to marked cruiser East-1 during the 8am-4pm shift. At approximately 9:30am I was dispatched to the Rent A Center business, located at 105 Broadway, for a report of a group of 5 people drinking outside the store. I arrived a short time later, along with Officer Chris Fusco (East-4), and Officer Courtney Reece (A1). I observed 3 individuals in the vestibule area of the store, who I am familiar with as they are frequently in the lower Broadway area. I would respectfully note: in the past month alone there have been 4 incidents at the Rent A Center involving a group of people drinking alcohol in the front of the store.

I made contact with the three, one of whom I knew as XXXX, and two males whose names were unknown to me. The two males had their hands inside their jackets, concealing large objects and were ordered to displ ay their hands. The objects that the two males were concealing were revealed to be OPENED, mostly full, 25 ounce cans of Natural Ice beer (see attached photo).

I attempted to identify the males, who stated that they did not have IDs. One male gave me the name of XXXX, with a DOB of xxxx; the other male gave me the name of XXXX, with a DOB of xxxx. I ran the names on CJISWeb through my cruiser’s laptop computer, but I was unable to find a matching record of the two males. I returned to the males and asked them again for their names and date of birth. The male who had identified himself as XXXX was unable to recall the same date of birth he had provided earlier. I asked XXXX who she knew the name of the male who identified himself as XXXX, and she stated that she knew him as Jose. At this point I determined that the two males were intentionally lying about their names and dates of birth, in an attempt to conceal their identities during an investigation.

I handcuffed both the males in a manner consistent with my training (double locked, and checked for tightness.) They were transported back to the Somerville Police station in prisoner transport unit 200, operated by Officer Katharine McDaid. At the station, they were booked in the usual manner by the Commanding Officer: Lt. William Rymill. The male who identified himself as XXXX, identified himself at the booking window as Jose Guillen, with a date of birth of xxxx. The male who identified himself as XXXX, identified at the booking window as Jose Mario Posada Landaverde, with a date of birth of xxxx.

After Guillen was finger printed, his AFIS fingerprint result revealed that he had an alias under which he had been booked by his middle name of Elias, and there was an active arrest warrant for him by that name out of Boston District Court, Area-7 (docket #1705CR0002007.)

I will be filing the following charges against Posada-Landaverde and Guillen:
-Somerville Municipal Ordinance Violation 9-1: Open Alcohol Container in the Public
-M.A. Common Law Violation: Interfering with a Police Officer

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Devin Schneider
Badge #295

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