Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Jonathan CABALLERO (Shoplifting and Belmont & Boston Warrants)at Burlington Stores at Assembly Row

On 1-31-2019, while assigned to marked unit East-4, I was dispatched to the area of the Foley Street MBTA train station at Assembly Row with East-2 (Officer Anaya) for reports of a shoplifter. Dispatch advised us that Loss Prevention from the Burlington store was on foot, following a party, later to be identified as Mr. Jonathan Caballero, who had just removed product from their store. Upon arrival I was met by the loss prevention associate, XXXX. XXXX pointed out the individual to me who was boarding the elevator. I was later informed that Mr. Caballero entered the store, selected several pairs of sneakers and concealed them in two shopping bags. He then exited the store, bypassing all points of sale, and making no effort to pay for the items. I went up the stairs and met Mr. Caballero at the top. I explained to him that he was identified as someone who just shoplifted from the store. Mr. Caballero dropped the bags of items, which later were found to be several pairs of sneakers, and attempted to walk by me. I stopped Mr. Caballero and attempted to get his name, explaining that I may be seeking a criminal complaint and the store would need it for civil demand. He then gave me the name of XXXX. He stumbled several times with the birthday and claimed to not know his social security number. I advised dispatch of the information and informed me no matching information came back. I then explained this to Mr. Caballero and told him that he was being detained. Mr. Caballero became very agitated, was shifting around, and during our interaction I asked him several times to keep his hands out of his pockets and to put his backpack down. Due to the false information he gave me and his behavior, I told him I was going to handcuff him for our and his safety. He became even more agitated and refused. I repeated myself twice before grabbing him by his left wrist. I explained again I would be handcuffing him and to put his hand behind his back. He attempted to pull his arm away from me and said “Watch out, I’m strong”. At this time, I escorted Mr. Caballero to the ground and he was handcuffed (DL). Officer Anaya assisted him to his feet. I asked him for his name again and he gave me his true name. I advised dispatch of the new information and they informed me Mr. Caballero had three warrants. I requested unit-200, the prisoner transport vehicle. Mr. Caballero was transported to the station by Officer Ubeda in 200 and was booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant Sheehan. Mr. Caballero was charged with shoplifting by asportation, third offense. I will be attaching pictures of the sneakers and a receipt for the value of them.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Christopher Fusco #328

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