Ayanna Pressley Joins Somerville Rally for Affordable Housing and Good Jobs 

Somerville Stands Together demanding responsible development in Union Square, where developers plan $1 billion in projects 

Somerville—Somerville Stands Together joined by Ayanna Pressley, Democratic nominee for the U.S. House of Representatives, was at a rally in Union Square to support affordable homes, good jobs and responsible development in Union Square. This was the latest action by the broad coalition of community, labor, social and racial justice organizations, speaking up for Somerville values and demanding the city build a Somerville that works for everyone.

Somerville Stands Together launched in April to highlight a growing wave of discontent about the direction Somerville’s political leadership is taking the city. Since then, the organization has garnered considerable media attention and a growing base of supporters in Somerville and beyond.

Somerville Stands Together is calling on elected officials to commit to the progressive values that make Somerville a good place to live and an attractive target for wealthy developers. That means responsible development, affordable housing, fair wages and a Somerville that works for all of us.

Developers are making billions from Somerville building opportunities, meanwhile obtaining millions of dollars in handouts from the city. Somerville Stands Together and its allies demand that developer US2 agree to a Community Benefits Agreement that will provide meaningful investments in the Union Square neighborhood before the city allows the transfer of its land to US2.

About Somerville Stands Together:

Somerville Stands Together is a coalition of community and labor groups committed to maintaining the city’s diversity and its history as a place where hardworking families can build a life and a community. The coalition includes AFSCME Local 274, Building and Construction Trades Council of the Metropolitan District (MetroBTC), Cambridge/Somerville chapter of Mass Senior Action Council, Community Labor United (CLU), Firefighters Local 76, Good Jobs Somerville, Good Jobs, Strong Communities Coalition, Great Boston Labor Council (GBLC), Our Revolution Somerville, Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters, Somerville Municipal Employees Association, SEIU Fireman & Oilers Local 3, SEIU Local 509, SEIU Local 888, Teamsters Local 25, Teamsters Local 122 and the Welcome Project.

For more information about Somerville Stands Together, visit: somervillestandstogether.com

2 thoughts on “Ayanna Pressley Joins Somerville Rally for Affordable Housing and Good Jobs ”

  1. Sonervillions should be rallying daily for more jobs in this city for QUALIFIED people of THIS city and not for the cousins of grandfathers lawyers friend. Because this will be shut down. Take that last lap y’all….as you run (or slowly walk) make it count because I smell a revolution coming to our city. And it smells nice.

    Michael Cunha


    *comment stated before non profit begins

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