Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Juan MOLINA (Shoplifting, Common & Notorious Thief) at Assembly Row

On August 23, 2018, at approximately 11:00 hours, I was notified by area loss prevention that a known shoplifter was in the area, and had been seen walking near TJ Maxx and Burlington Coat Factory. I am aware that this particular shoplifter has stolen from Burlington on multiple occasions, but was not apprehended, so I made my way directly to Burlington. Upon entering the store, I was notified by employees that a male had entered with an empty duffle bag, staged sneakers (a common tactic of shoplifters preparing to conceal merchandise), and his duffle bag was now full.

I walked outside of the store to wait for the male to exit, and not even a minute later, observed a known shoplifter, Juan MOLINA, attempt to exit the store with a full duffle bag. Employees pointed out that MOLINA was the male in question, and I observed the theft detection devices at the store entrance beep and flash as he exited. Based on information from employees, as well as my observations, I unzipped MOLINA’s duffle bag where I located four pairs of sneakers with sensors and Burlington tags still attached. The total valued of the sneakers amounted to $174.96. MOLINA was placed under arrest for Shoplifting by Concealment and Common and Notorious Thief, handcuffed (double-locked), and transported to the station for booking.

I am very familiar with MOLINA, as I have caught him stealing at Assembly Row multiple times, including an incident as recent as 7/30/18. He has stolen from so many stores at Assembly Row, that employees at multiple stores know him by name and face. He currently has three open shoplifting cases from Assembly Row, two open cases out of Worcester, and a lengthy criminal record of shoplifting/larceny offenses for which he has done jail time. MOLINA has a severe heroin addiction, and has told me he steals merchandise to sell for cash to fuel his addiction. I summonsed MOLINA to court for the 7/30/18 incident, as he was experiencing withdrawal, but warned him it was his last break.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Reece


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