Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Stephen REMICK (A&B PO, Disorderly, Threat to Commit Crime)

On August 10, 2018 at about 9:10 AM, Officer Mark DiFava was working at a nearby detail and was flagged down by a citizen who notified him about a man sleeping on a bench in front of the MBTA station on Holland Street. He was concerned for his welfare. I (Officer Mark Nevin / West 6) was parked nearby and observed Officer DiFava’s interaction with the man sleeping on the bench.

The man sleeping on the bench was Stephen Remick. He is well known to the Somerville Police. Stephen had an open bottle of vodka in his possession, which I confiscated, poured out, and disposed of the bottle. I advised him that he needs to move along. He responded by yelling, “Fuck you!” He began yelling very loudly that I stole his property and he wanted it back. I gave Mr. Remick ample opportunities to calm down and be quiet, but his antics continued to grow louder. As people walked past they stopped to observe Mr. Remick’s actions. Passing cars also slowed to watch, which caused a minor traffic backup. When a bus stopped to allow passengers (some of which had young children) to disembark they were visibly appalled by Mr. Remick’s statements and attempted to shield their children from his view.

Mr. Remick made numerous spontaneous outbursts throughout the entire incident, which included threats by means. He said the following verbatim, as well as multiple variations:

– “I’ll have your dick!”

– “Fuck you! I’ll Kill you!”

– “You’re a dead man! Fuck you!”

– “I’ll shoot you in the end!”

I placed Mr. Remick under arrest for disturbing the peace and for having an open container of alcohol. When I notified Dispatch of the arrest and requested the prisoner transport wagon, Mr. Remick insisted that he was about to have a seizure and demanded to go to the hospital. The volume and nature of his outbursts continued to get louder and more violent. Officer Chris Fusco (W7) responded to assist and we moved Mr. Remick to an area that was more secluded to protect the public from his outbursts.

I requested Dispatch send EMS. Cataldo Ambulance personnel evaluated Mr. Remick and determined that he did not need medical services. While Cataldo was evaluating Mr. Remick, he yelled at me “I’m going to spit on you!” and then did so. I respectfully request to be reimbursed by Mr. Remick for the cost ($5.00) of dry-cleaning my uniform trousers.

Once Mr. Remick was cleared by Cataldo, I requested the prisoner transport wagon. Officer Buswell transported Mr. Remick to the station where he was booked by Lt. W. Rymill.

Mr. Remick is charged with the following crimes:

– Open Alcohol Container (90/24I)

– A and B on a Police Officer (265/13D)

– Disorderly Conduct (272/53)

– Threat to Commit Crime (275/2)

and issued citations for the following municipal ordinance violations:

– Open Alcohol Container SCO 9/1 ($100)

– Noise Ordinance SCO 9/112 ($25)

– Loitering SCO 12/11 ($300)

Respectfully submitted by,

Officer Mark Nevin #300

Somerville Police Department

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