Curbside textile recycling is coming to Somerville

Starting July 30, you can donate old clothing, shoes, dishes, jewelry, drapes and other items by placing them curbside with your trash and recycling. Put them in one of the pink Simple Recycling bags you may have received in the mail.

We still encourage residents to make donations directly to local non-profits. Doing so helps people in need and supports those organizations. You can find a list of charitable organizations at

Some residents may find it easier to make curbside donations through Simple Recycling. Overall, about 40 percent of clothing recycled through the company is reused or repurposed as clothing. About 30 percent is repurposed as rags, and about 30 percent becomes home insulation, carpet padding, or other products.

Across the United States each year, only 15 percent of unwanted clothing is donated or recycled, and 14.3 million tons end up in landfills. By making it easier for residents to donate and recycle unwanted clothing and accessories, we hope to cut down on some of this wastefulness. (Image from

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