Snow Removal Updates by Ward 5 Somerville Alderman Mark Niedergang

I’ve received many complaints from Ward 5 residents whose sidewalks were buried after they shoveled, and some from people whose streets were not plowed adequately or snow piled at corners that reduce sightlines.

All-in-all, I think the plowing crews did a great job (some DPW workers worked 28 hours straight) but in a City like ours, there are always going to be missed spots and snow problems after a huge storm like this one. In walking around yesterday, most sidewalks seem to be shoveled but many corners are not.

If you see a problem, or have a complaint, I encourage you to email or call Constituent services, or 617-666-3311 from your cell phone. The City has a program in which the Council on Aging links seniors and people with disabilities with teens who shovel, but one has to sign up for it and go though an application process.

(You can contact Nancy Bacci, for info.) Otherwise, the City does not offer help to homeowners. So if you need shoveling help, use your networks, talk to your neighbors, to see if there are people for hire.

I have been encouraging the Administration and DPW Commissioner to send teams out tomorrow to shovel sidewalks the plows buried and to clear corners. I will be filing Board orders to ask DPW why they can’t plow without burying sidewalks and to deploy a crew after any major snowstorm to dig out the sidewalks that they bury.

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