Trump Supporter Truck Gets Trashed Second Time In Somerville President Threatened

By William Tauro

A supporter of President Donald J Trump who owns a pick up truck has been vandalized for a second time at 3:00 AM Saturday morning.

The vehicle was parked at the supporter’s home located at 286 Beacon Street in Somerville.

Across his hood the letters “BLM” was spray-painted to signify “Black Lives Matter.”

The supporter’s house was vandalized with graffiti as you will notice in the photos below with threat “Trump Is Next.”

This is the second time that this vehicle has been vandalized by anti-Trump-vandals for the supporter’s political preferences that he has expressed with political signage on his bumper sticker.

The truck’s owner told us that he “has ony the basic insurance on the vehicle so all repairs are out of my own out-of-pocket expense.”

The first incident occurred last month at the same location. The two incidents continue to be under investigation.

Sources at the scene tell us that this has been reported to the United States Secret Service and considered a national security concern as a threat to the president was made as well.

This story is still developing…

6 thoughts on “Trump Supporter Truck Gets Trashed Second Time In Somerville President Threatened”

  1. Remember when the left caught the vapors when Trump joked that he would only accept the election results if he won? Remember when liberals were smugly predicting that Trump supporters would get violent once Hillary was coronated?

    And yet, it is he left has refused to accept the results, engaged in violence, and, one year after the election, is still engaged in an orgy of rage and spite.

    I think the only reason it’s not been worse than it already is, is due to the fact that many are hanging their hats on Trump somehow being removed from office over the Russia nonsense. Liberals took the day off of work to watch Comey’s testimony because they really believed he was going to reveal some bombshell info and they would see Trump getting marched out of the White House in handcuffs. They’ve been living in an alternate reality since the election in order to avoid accepting the fact that Hillary’s loss was on her and on the Dems.

    Remember, because you didn’t go along with their little program, these people want to see you made broke, homeless, and your children raped by the third world invaders they are so desperate to import. And they think it’s funny.

      1. What about Charlottesville, Shrieky Susan? A landwhale smoker dies of a heart attack and that’s somehow a crime? Nothing important happened at Charlottesvile, except creating a fake deflection that clueless buffoons bring up as if it’s some brilliant argument winner. You got nothing and are proud to advertise that fact.

  2. Sure shows up some of the scum we have walking the earth here. Freedom of speech really does not exist here. I am sure even if they caught the culprit they may only get a slap on the wrist.The truck owner may be brave doing this but has to realize it comes with a cost here even though nothing was done wrong the truck owner was penalized. The owner needs video surveillance as I expect going through this for the next 7 years is going to be costly.

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