Letter to the Editor:Help Save Somerville, Spread The Word

With regard to the questions asked about former alderman, Sean O’D who is alleged to own over one hundred properties– many are hidden under LLCs, so it’s difficult to find out who owns them.

But I know that many people have investigated and know what owners are doing– the problem is, the powers that be need to make this official so it can make national headlines.

Mayor Curtatone, Commissioner Koty and their partners in crime have to be stopped!

So if anyone out there has information for higher law enforcement it should be reported. A lot of people have already come forward but the more that do, the less it can be ignored.

Bill is doing an amazing job exposing these issues. However, there needs to be heightened awareness throughout the region.

Unless it effects people directly, no one gives a damn. But if these issues are raised at the level it needs, with complete exposure and concrete proof, collectively it will make a difference.

As in the recent case of movie mogul, Weinstein– at first only a few came forward, look where the story is today.

Howie Carr talked about it on his show yesterday and it reached thousands more.

So why aren’t our radio show hero’s broadcasting our stories?

In my opinion, it’s due to the overdevelopment going on here.

The powers that be don’t want the condos to stop or the tax free bargains to vanish.

That’s politics my friends.

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