Letter to the Editor:SomerStat Is More Known As FraudStat In Real Life Police Stories At Somerville PD

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

I remember working the station and reading the crime logs in the newspapers and saying to myself “Holy Cow” and “Where are all the arrests that we made this week?”

And that’s why the boys began to refer to SomerStat as “FraudStat” at the station.

Here’s the definition of SomerStat what it was meant to be used for: The Mayor’s Office of Innovation and Analytics

(The Mayor’s Office of Innovation and Analytics, or SomerStat, uses evidence-based insights to analyze issues important to our community, to improve City service delivery and effectiveness, and to help catalyze local innovation.)

Below is the way that your readers get to read a fictional portrait of the city painted and orchestrated through the mayor.

You see here’s how the mayor pulled this off.   Mayor Curtatone brings in his own outside hacks that he owes favors to and rewards them by making them crime analyst. Then later the mayor tells the powers upstairs to put this new Somerville Crime Analyst in that crime analyst office, and so they do.

This outside person of Joe’s is always brought in to fudge the crime statistics of the city to not show and make it appear to the readers to look like Somerville has less crime activity than the crime infested city that it is!

Joe has falsified many statistical reports in the past as he still continues to falsify reports to this day!

All you have to do is look back on all of your crime logs that the police department has sent you and that you have posted in the Somerville News Weekly as well as for the other two rags out there.

Then research from today all the way back to over the past years. Then compare them to the original crime log reports that are in the Somerville Police Station log and you will say Holy Shit!

You will see a huge difference there in crimes such as Gang Violence, Holdups, Robbery’s, Assaults, Home B&E’s, Home Invasions etc, etc that hasn’t been reported to you guys to report to the public.

Look into it and talk to some of the police officers and ask the why their arrest have never been published.

And in regards to your story about the chief and his two deputies, you hit the nail right on the head because I don’t know how in the world those three top cops could not know this information of FraudStat was being left out of all of the crime logs by their politically placed Crime Analyst.

And of course they later payoff the crime politically connected Crime Analyst by putting him through the academy and making him a police officer and later with a promise of a promotion here and there.

Then they recruit a new one from the mayor to carry-on the trend.

I’m sure that if the FBI go behind the counter out back and look at all the original police logs they’ll be amazed and they could verify this very easily.

As a matter fact, it’s all public record and any Somerville resident or reporter can request the same information as well and research it and see for themselves.

Best of luck, keep up the good work and please take this crooked mayor down once and for all!


A Victim of the Powers

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