Something Stinks at Somerville City Hall Behind Closed Doors 

By Judy Locchi Jacobs 

“Is this why our water bills have doubled and taxes tripled?
About 6 years ago, a resident at a city hall meeting was blowing the whistle on selective reinforcement with regards to “cherry picking”, and those who pay more of their share in real estate taxes than other residents–and our steadily increasing water bills while we still have a broken sewer system. If we ever get a series of flash flooding again, expect that basements old and new will be filling up with toxic waste as Texas is dealing with from their latest hurricane. And remember, you are not allowed to pump it out into the street– the city has stated repeatedly that is illegal and taxpayers will be subject to fines. 
I guess they must have a hack on stand by waiting to gouge price any taxpayer who would need their basement pumped from the overflow of the the city’s sewerage that found its way into home and business owners basements which is their problem- but hey, we pay everyone’s bills remember, those close to the administration “allegedly”, that is……
They said if you looked at the tax logs you would discover that friends, family and donors were paying far less than other taxpayers who were among the “unconnected”, even targeted as enemies for not going along with their unethical practices. 
I wonder if this and other stories going around town are connected to the fact that our long time assessor just recently retired?
The timing on other recent resignations appears to be suspect. Why would dedicated employees feel the need to leave their jobs so quickly without giving ample notice? How many were forced out of their jobs and wrongfully terminated that we are unaware?
Now there maybe definite proof by those with direct knowledge about bloated salaries, useless patronage jobs and alleged illegal overtime”.

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