Letter to the Editor:Who Is Vandalizing the Deanna Cremin Memorial Square Flagpole Wreaths

Dear Billy and Somerville Speak Up Line,

I am writing to you in disgust and if you could please publish this to shame whoever is involved.  
Are you aware that some ass destroyed the wreath on the sign pole? How cruel and senseless can this culprit be?

Walking to Mystic ave I was seeing white and green flowers along the way and when I came back towards Jaques st. I looked at the Deanna Cremin Memorial sign and the wreath was destroyed. This was Saturday evening but it looked like it was done a day or two before!
It must be some young punks. Really makes me wonder!
Please publish this and hopefully someone will come forward and the city will do something to protect memorials like this from being vandalized.  

A friend of Deanna Cremin 

2 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor:Who Is Vandalizing the Deanna Cremin Memorial Square Flagpole Wreaths”

  1. The courts need to sentence these vandals to assist the restoration of cemeteries,if they fail this obligation fine them the cost of restoration,force them to work,garnish their wages with consequences if they stop working

  2. Until our courts begin to treat these acts of vandalism seriously and with consequences that reflect their seriousness, they unfortunately will continue. I am referring to destruction of cemetery headstones, war memorial desecration, destruction of private property, etc.

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