Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Kiah BOSTICK (ABDW)

I, Officer Roger Desrochers, report the following summary of events based on direct interview with the persons named.


      On Saturday, June 24, 2017, I, Officer Desrochers, was in full-uniform and assigned to cruiser 787, and patrolling area W7 for the Somerville Police Department, when I was flagged down by two females later identified as Kiah Bostick and XXXXX for an unknown reason.


      As I parked my cruiser at Statue Park which is across the street from the Davis Sq MBTA station located at 2 Holland Street XXXXX walked up to my cruiser in a hurry. I then asked her to back away from the door as I exited. I spoke with XXXXX in front of my cruiser so that we were out of the way from traffic, as Holland Street is a busy street. XXXXX was very angry and yelling that Mrs. Bostick just burnt her with a cigarette. At that point I looked at Mrs. Bostick who said, I don’t lie, yes I burnt her with my cigarette.


      At this point a lot of bystanders began to gather so I called for an additional unit to respond, at which time West 6 Officer DiFava and West 5 Officer McCarey responded. I was able to get a story from XXXXX who stated, that she was talking with Mrs. Bostick and they were both drinking and speaking loudly to each other. Mrs. Bostick didn’t like the way that XXXXX was speaking to her so she lit a cigarette and put it out on her right knee. After seeing this burn mark, which I do have a photo of, I went to speak with Mrs. Bostick who was on the phone with another friend and again I could hear her telling her friend that she had burnt XXXXX with her cigarette.


      After speaking with XXXXX again I placed Mrs. Bostick under arrest with the hand cuffs double locked for her safety. Mrs. Bostick was then transported back to the Somerville Police Station by unit 200 which was operated by Officer Hartsgrove. Once at the station she was booked in the original manor by LT DeOliveira.


      Mrs. Bostick was arrested for the following charges


           Assault & Battery with a Dangerous Weapon (Cigarette)


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Roger Desrochers #337

One thought on “Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Kiah BOSTICK (ABDW)”

  1. This is all a lie, now I see what people mean when they say the cops lie on them. I was the person that was assault by Anita Clark plus she stole my property broke my cellphone, pulled my hair and the hole time that cop was sitting in his car watching the hole thing. When she pulled my hair I had a cigarette in my hand and that’s how she got brunt. I did not put a cigarette out on her leg. But I was the wrong person, now I have something on my record that was not my fault but like I said everyone believes the cop. I asked so many times to pull the cameras so u can see what happened and no one would do it. So if there is anyone out there that wants to help me out pls do so thanks

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