Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Elias GUILLEN (Shoplifting, Boston Warrant)

On Friday, June 2, 2017, while assigned to the Alpha unit at Assembly Row, I was contacted on my department issued cell phone by Home Depot Loss Prevention Associate, XXXXX. XXXXX informed me that he had a shoplifter just leave that was being irate, un-cooperative, and possibly intoxicated. Upon my arrival, XXXXX pointed the individual out and was still in the parking lot. He also informed me that the individual had a knife that he stole and was unable to recover due to fear of the knife being used against him. I approached the individual who would later be identified as Mr. Elias Guillen. I ordered Mr. Guillen several times to let me see his hands, but he continuously would take his hands out of his pockets and put them back in. For officer safety I handcuffed Mr. Guillen’s hands behind his back (DL) and called in my location to dispatch. Upon giving Mr. Guillen’s information to dispatch, they informed me that Mr. Guillen had a warrant for his arrest. At this time marked units East-1 (Officer Monaco) and K-9 (Officer Sullivan) arrived as backup. I then called into dispatch and requested for Unit-200, the prisoner transport vehicle. Upon a search of Mr. Guillen’s person, the knife in question was found in his right, cargo pocket. XXXXX confirmed that it was the knife that Mr. Guillen had stolen. Unit-200 arrived and Mr. Guillen was transported to the Somerville Police Department for Booking in the usual manner by LT. Rymill. I then conducted a follow-up at Home Depot where XXXXX stated that he saw Mr. Guillen enter the tool section, select one pair of gloves and a knife, then travel to the back of the store where he removed the packaging from both items, conceal them in his pocket, and then exit the store without paying for the items. At this time, XXXXX was able to recover the gloves, but Mr. Guillen started giving him a hard time and wouldn’t give him the knife.


Mr. Guillen has been charged for Shoplifting by asportation.





     Respectfully submitted,


     Officer Christopher Fusco #328


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