Casting Call for Local Short Film at Armory in Somerville 


Writer and Producer Stephen Loughran, has just finished writing a new short screenplay “And Everything Will Be As It Was”. The screenplay is based on a short by Ernest Hemingway, “Hills Like White Elephants”. 

Stephen has set the story in a more contemporary time period at a train station about 20 miles outside of Boston. A young foreign born woman, educated but innocent faces issues of race, pregnancy and immigration in this short 10 minute script. 

When asked why this story, Steve said, “I was struck by the contemporary themes in this short by Hemingway, in particular the issues around immigration and cross nationality relationships. This is a story that speaks to struggles of today and illustrates that the struggle of women, minorities and foreigners persist in modern society.” 

The film will be produced, shot and edited in the Boston area and will be directed by John MacKenzie. An experienced director with several local theater companies, John will also direct the photography for the project, which will be shot on-location in the Boston area. 

The company is auditioning for one character, Bess, a young (20’s) Latina female. Bess, is educated and articulate, soft spoken but not meek. Auditions will be held on May 19th at the Arts At The Armory, Somerville, MA. audition times are by appointment. 

For details and to obtain an audition slot, go to

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